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Our Story

Our Story

South Knollwood began in May of 1957 when Clyde Barnes came to Topeka.  With a few families and a wonderful local church for authority, SKBC got its start.  As Knollwood has grown, its ministries have changed with the needs of the community.  One fact has stayed the same--South Knollwood loves Topeka and desires to influence it with the Gospel. Our church is marked with energy, passion for the community, and the preaching of God's Word.  This makes South Knollwood an exciting place to be!  In every season of ministry together, God has continually done more than we ever could have expected.

Our Church

Exciting things are happening at South Knollwood Baptist Church!  We have a great vision to reach people and make a difference in their lives.  With the Bible as our guide, we are building positive families in a world filled with negative influences. We are a team of dedicated and committed believers in which everyone is important and has a vital role to play.  South Knollwood is a special place because we are serving a great God who offers help for today, hope for the future, and happiness forever.

What to Expect

If you're checking out South Knollwood, you can expect the same thing that many now look forward to each week.  The music portion of the service is alive, conservative, and Christ-honoring.  Pastor Jeremiah Metsinger will deliver a helpful and challenging Bible message and conclude by inviting you to make a decision.  At the end of the service an opportunity to honor the Lord with an offering is given to members or anyone who would like to have a part in this portion of worship.  We encourage you to take advantage of our beautiful nurseries and classes for your children during these services.

Snapshot of our Week

Being a real Christian means that you live for Christ and grow spiritually throughout the week. To help with this daily growing process, South Knollwood offers many opportunities for Bible study, outreach, fellowship, and prayer. Please call 785.266.6837 for detailed times and locations.