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LifeStage:  College & Career

Merge is designed to help students navigate this life-transition, with clarity through biblical direction. The Sunday class times are fun and engaging. The teaching focuses on Bible principles that give insight into making good decisions, and setting the right direction for life. Monthly activities provide a time to hang out with friends and find some fun and encouragement.



LifeStage: Couples 26-35

Life is full of changes! Just about the time you feel like you’ve got it all together, life throws you another curve ball. This class is designed to help young couples navigate their life changing transitions, with clarity through biblical direction and principles. Each week young couples are helped, trained, and encouraged through Bible teaching, personal mentoring, and a friendly environment. You’ll find monthly activities designed to promote Christ honoring friendships, and of course a lot of fun. So why go through all of life’s changes on your own. Come join us this Sunday and find help and encouragement from others on the same step of the journey as you.

Family Ties

LifeStage: Couples 36-44

Family Ties is a group of couples who have junior and senior high children, desiring a closer relationship with their spouse and children by following His Design in every day life. Every Couple has challenges and trials but God has a way for us to live in peace and harmony. Come join us as we grow together.

Second Mile

LifeStage: Couples 45-57

This class is designed for families who are going through the transition of kids leaving the home.  Through this unique and challenging transition of life we focus on Bible principles that give insight into making good decisions, and setting the right direction for life. Class activities provide an atmosphere of fellowship and you'll be encouraged by sharing life together.  Come join us this sunday!

Life Builders

LifeStage: Couples 58-69

Life Builders is a family! By enrolling in our class you will connect with others like yourself.  You will enjoy studying the Bible together weekly and making lasting friendships through regular activities. Visit our class this Sunday and begin growing in the Lord.


LifeStage: 70+

Is there Biblical direction for the life past sixty-five? Is there still purpose and the possibility of productivity in ministry?  Can a dedicated life, and a disciplined mind discover a renewed pattern of life to redeem the time as the time increases? Join us on Sundays to find God's purpose and plan for aging Christians, and be challenged to accept a renewed ministry of providing a model of spiritual life and worship for the emerging generations!



LifeStage: Singles Ladies

Need a spiritual renewal? Looking for a connection to someone who understands? Then, this is the class for you!  You will be be challenged with Biblical lessons, find sweet friendships with saved ladies, get inspired to live for God, and be included in a loving church family. Come meet with us every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.